PPR Pipe Fitting Mold Serie

SINO MOULD has a set of mold design, research and development, production, sales, service professional team, at the same time has a series of equipment from mold design and manufacturing to testing and debugging, to achieve the overall cooperation from 3d modeling design to machining center. The products ...



Pipe Fitting Moulds Maintenance

  Since entrepreneurship, through unremitting efforts to struggle, the company has a strong processing capacity and good talent, the new vision industry and trade is booming, advancing the mental outlook to meet new opportunities and challenges, and will, as always, adhere to the principle of "c...



Pipe Fitting Moulds Processing Point

1.Improve the cooling conditions during grinding, such as the use of oil sand wheel or internal cooling grinding wheel and other measures. By introducing the cutting fluid into the center of grinding wheel, the cutting fluid can directly enter the grinding zone to play an effective cooling role and preven...



Pipe Fitting Mould Highlight

  SINO MOULD produces all kinds of moulds and plastic products, and annually produces more than 1200 sets of large, medium and small moulds, including PVC/PPR pipe moulds. With precise CAD/CAM/CAE aided design CNC computer machining center, CNC fine carving, high-speed machining center, CNC lath...


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