PVC pipe fitting mould

PVC pipe fitting Mould ( for high pressure and low pressure = for water supplying and water discharging)
1. CPVC pipe fitting mould for high pressure.
2. UPVC pipe fitting mould for water drainage
3. PVC belling pipe fitting mould( with collapsible cores for pressure water supply).
4. Electricity cable pipe fitting mould, built in-wall various PVC pipe fittings.
The technical solutions for PVC pipe fitting moulding and PVC pipe fitting mould manufacturing. PVC is a kind of special material which need special injection molding process. The basic feature of PVC material:
1. Hard PVC material low MFI
2. PVC with high corrosive
3. PVC with low temperature melting
4. Easy decomposition 
Because of above basic features, PVC material has special PVC molding technology process. The injection molding machine need precise temperature controlling and the material can not be heated for a long time. We can say it is very sensitive with the temperature. Also for this reason, there is no PVC pipe fitting mould which can use hot runner system.
Because PVC material’s high corrosive, PVC pipe fitting mould must need the steel be high quality stainless steel, and also deep hardened to around HRC50. Since the low MFI, when you make the runner and injection gate of a PVC pipe fitting mould, we need special design. For the big volume PVC injection molding, some time we need a very big runner and injection gate. But the runner can’t be recycled, what should we do? I think the only way is to reduce the runner flowing distance to reduce the runner waste.