1.Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Core Philosophy---Responsibility
Responsibility is one’s recognition, sensibility and belief toward oneself, others, family, society, and the self-conscious attitude of related regulation abiding, responsibility holding and obligation fulfillment. As Sino Pipe Fitting Mould people, we should keep the “responsibility” in mind, upgrade self-value, work together to make contribution to the society.

2.Operating Philosophy ---Be responsible to our clients, our employees and our society. Make unceasing innovation and pursue super excellence.
Sino Pipe Fitting Mould people constantly keep the belief “Be responsible to our clients, our employees and our society”, make scientific innovation a drive for sustainable development, and always pursue super excellence.

3.Management Philosophy ---Responsibility runs through all work, quality comes from responsibility.
Responsibility runs through each person and each process in Sino Pipe Fitting Mould. From placing orders, production, delivery, to after-sale service, our managers constantly take the attitude of “Be responsible to ourselves, to others, to collectivity and to society” to manage our team. We make every effort to produce high-quality product and diamond service.

4.Talent Philosophy ---Be nice to staffs, respect every talent.
“Be nice to staffs, respect every talent” is a consistent talent philosophy in Sino Pipe Fitting Mould. We always keep treating each Sino Pipe Fitting Mould staff well, and provide them with just and fair competitive environment. “Talents” is always our strong capital in creating Sino Pipe Fitting Mould’s value, and we will always offer the most extensive development space.

5.Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Spirit---Seize all opportunities, realize maximum self-value.
Seize every opportunity which may promote success, and avoid the loss of clients. It asks for our responsibility toward ourselves and others in daily work. Only in that way will we achieve our self-value.

6.Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Safety Philosophy
Bear always in mind production safety, take preventive measures daily.
---One life to live, pay full attention to safety
---Safety work and safety production shows the responsibility towards ourselves, our families and our company.

7.Quality Philosophy
---Quality is the life of Sino Pipe Fitting Mould and the source for Sino Pipe Fitting Mould’s rapid progress.
---As Sino Pipe Fitting Mould people, we should do well in every detail, so we can insure the product quality. This also indicates our responsibility toward our society and our clients.
---As Sino Pipe Fitting Mould people, we should guarantee the quality, and make “Sino Pipe Fitting Mould” a pronoun for “Quality”.
---Quality is an eternal truth for companies to pursue. A Sino Pipe Fitting Mould staff with high-quality philosophy must be an excellent manager with strong sense of responsibility.
---All work should follow standards. Make standard a practice, and make it a reference in all process.
--- We should consider the quality as a core in daily work.
---Hereby Sino Pipe Fitting Mould gives a promise: We will do our best to ensure the product quality, be responsible to our colleague, to our company, and to our society. This is also a kind of responsibility to our ourselves. 
---Be proud of emphasizing the quality, and be shame of ignoring the quality. Everyone should pay attention to the quality.

8.Marketing Philosophy
We offer you not only a mould or machine, but a fine solution.
---We should promote Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Philosophy to our customers.
---Performance takes the top priority.
---We cannot ignore any customers, because many a little makes a mickle.

9.Business Cooperation Philosophy
Be friendly and equal in the cooperation for mutual benefit and common development. 

10.Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Working Style------Eight Nos
No delay of work in my hands, nor any interruptions;
No backlog of work in my hands, nor any mistakes;
No cold face to others, nor any waste to the company;
No loss of clients due to me, nor any harm to corporate identity.