PP pipe fitting mould

 PP pipe fitting mould can be divided as below series:
1. PP belling pipe fitting mould
2. PP drainage pipe fitting mould
3. PPH belling pipe fitting mould
4. PPH sanitary wares mould
By the mould industrial, we call belling pipe fitting mould series, but collapsible slide core pipe fitting mould. As because the collspsible slide core is a complex system. We need to make the slide core very precise and durable. There are many special tehcnical points.
a. Use which machining process to cut out the fix and moving parts of collapsible cores?
b. Which steel and the hardness of the fix and moving parts of the collapsible cores?
c. The cooling design on the fix and moving parts of the collapsible cores.
Sino Pipe Fitting Mould has made so many standard collapsible cores in stock, the diameter ranges from Dia32mm to Dia160mm. In this way, we can improve our delivery time. From the normall 120 days, now we can deliver 50 sets of different moulds within 60 days.