Researching & Developing

Pipe Fitting Mould Researching & Developing

Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co. has a strong team which is specialized in various pipe fitting moulds' structure, machining process researching and developing.During these years, Sino pipe fitting mould has got many fruitful achievements:
1.dia 32mm collapsible core PVC pipe fitting mould.
2.90 degree bending core turn sliding pipe fitting mould new mechanical structure.
3.PPR pipe fitting moulds with unscrewing ejection and multi-cavities.
4.diameter bigger then 110mm, PVC fitting moulds with angle pillar mechanical sliding.
5.all the big core sliding block new security system.
6.injection position and gate design reseraching and developing.
7.multi-cavities PVC pipe fitting moulds runner improvements.
8.collapsible core machining process improvements. to provent cavities deforming or scraching.
10.The new interlock system of cavity and core.
11.《Sino Pipe Fitting Mould standard》,this standard book has already combined so many years' pipe fitting moulds design & manufacturing experiences, put into Sino Co. to mentality of mould design and manufacturing.