The qualified pipe fitting mould manufacturers in the world

Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co., is one of the famous qualified pipe fitting mould manufacturer in China, from the fitting design to fitting mould mass production simulation, we keen on the rigorous attitude on quality issue.From the dimensions of machining, steel hardness, gate postion, cooling effections...
1. Our R&D capacity and top quality mentality design department made very rigorous moulds design.
2. Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co has the special machining process, machining capacity on pipe fitting moulds.
3. Sino Pipe fitting mould have very rigorous QC to all the machining dimensions. The QC based on the accurate 2D drawings with precision tolerance indication.
4. Steel quality controlling and steel treatments.We inspection to all the steel quality. 1st step, we normally check if the steel are stainless or not, 2nd step, we check if the steel is the tempering steel. 3rd, we check if there is any crack or sand holes.4th, we check if the steel hardness is even or not.For the steel treatments: 1st step, we take the steel for rough machining and leave 0.5 to 1.5mm steel safe. Then take for deep harden, after hardening, we take for half precise maching, then take it for high speed lathing or milling with cooling and deforming considerations..
5. Sino Pipe Fitting Mould use high standard mould components, such like hydraulic cyinder, interlock, guide pillar, sprue bushing....Sino pipe fitting mould are keen on offering top quality pipe fitting moulds. Please go further step to see our moulds pictures and our other technical or quality points.