PPR metal over molding pipe fitting mould

1, corrosion-resistant, non-scaling PP-R pipe has good corrosion resistance, no furring, no breeding of bacteria, can avoid the scale buildup in pipes and basins, bathtubs fear for macular rust;
2, non-toxic, health good performance The products subject to stringent testing in full compliance with national drinking water standards, can be applied to drinking water and food, industrial pipe systems;
3, high temperature, good insulation properties PP-R pipe softening temperature of 131.5 ℃, in the long-term work permit under the pressure, can carry up to 95 ℃ of water temperature. This product has good insulating properties, thermal conductivity of metal pipe about 1 / 200 and reduce the transmission loss of water during the heat;
4, smooth wall, water resistance PP-R pipe, smooth wall, flow resistance, flow rate, compared with the same diameter metal pipe can increase the flow of more than 30%;
5, mechanical strength PP-R pipe toughness, impact resistance, mechanical strength, especially in the low-temperature, high temperature environment is more suitable for use;
6, light weight, easy installation and reliable PP-R pipe metal tube weighs only 1 / 8, to facilitate handling, using hot melt connection, fast, no leakage of worry;