the gate types of pipe fitting mould

  • the gate types of pipe fitting mould

    As we all know, there are two main gates types of pipe fitting mould. They are submarine gate, edge gate. Pipe fitting mould maker choose the gate types according to the advantage of the gates.

    Submarine gate and edge gate belongs to cold runner. And when producing, the two kinds of gates will bring waste. So what’s the difference between submarine gate and edge gate? Submarine gate take the advantage that product surface will be good-look. What’s more, submarine gate can separate the gate from the product. However, its gate is very small and product cycle time is long.

    So how about edge gate? Its gate is a little bigger than submarine gate. The product cycle time is short. But the gate cannot be separated from the product, so it need worker to cut. And product surface looks not so well.

    In a word, we often choose submarine gate when the bore is small. And when the bore of gate is bigger than 110mm, we choose the edge gate.

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